Journal Stew

A method:

  • of daily, analogue creative expression to help users work through unconscious resistance and negative self-talk.

  • that focuses on the creative process as a safe space to practice radical personal honesty and self-acceptance.

  • with the ultimate goal of Personal Liberation for the Collective Good, for all'us Earthlings.

Journal Stew offers a unique perspective on classic advice ready to be deployed to pull through non-clinical emotional difficulties and to help cultivate deep, positive, imagination.

We need this ability to imagine, to create the world we want to leave behind for the future.

The Publication's first issue is in the works - for now, "Articles" from the 2019 Journal Stew Blog are available here, as a sub-page of this one. :-)

(Every human is creative.)

The process of cultivating curiosity is art in action.

Last Edited October 29, 2020