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First E-mail goes out Late February 2021!

In each message, I will invite you to make art easy to make with The Journal Stew approach through linked videos, audio, visuals, and text.

My goal is to meet you where you are + to help you learn to work with what you have right NOW.


This is for you, whether you are just starting an art habit, rekindling a new practice, or just want to see what new offerings are available.


Nah, This newsletter is probably NOT for you if:

  • you don't like humor or honesty or science or magic.

  • you don't like comics starring weirdly drawn furry woodland creatures.

  • you think rigid classical methods of art training are the only valid way to go.


Ya, totally! This newsletter & Journal Stew is totally for you if:

  • you are willing to lean into occasional boredom or discomfort with curiosity

  • you are willing to learn to use kindness toward your inner child, your future self, and the current moment.


Let Journal Stew come to your inbox, so you can have some extra friendly help learning how to work WITH your resistance.

Let's bring more self-love into your life, for the good of the Earth Collective! :)

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(Every human is creative.)

The process of cultivating curiosity is art in action.