A photo of the covers of both zines, Journal Stew, and Everything is information (Grimoire2020)

Available Zines:

Grimoire 2020 (Everything is Information),
Journal Stew zine.1.2020
Journal Stew Color Cartoons e-zine
Drawing Prompts Coloring Book Zine
Accessible Supplies Zine 1
Flat Planets (Mandala) Drawing Exercise Zine 

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Alternative Stapling Trick

for when you don't have a long-arm stapler

Swingline stapler opened flat, lays on pre-folded, open copy of printed zine, on top of a suitable substrate.

Open your stapler flat, as if to use with a bulletin board.  Find a piece of material like cork or loose fabric or foam, something safe to poke holes into.  Staple through the paper stack with the opened stapler, into this found piece of material.  The staple's legs should remain straight.

A flat head screwdriver is being used to fold a staple leg flat, on a pre-folded zine.

Next, turn over your booklet.  Bend the straight staple legs flat, or even curve the ends down into the paper beyond just flat (just as would be done typically by the stapler's integrated anvil).

 A roll of green washi tape sits on the now-stapled zine, the folded ends of the staples are taped over securely with small pieces of this tape.

As an additional safety or decorative measure, you can put a piece of tape over the snag-prone legs of the staples.  By over-bending the staples - beyond flat - this step can be avoided.  Washi or masking tape should work well to conform over the ridge of the staple.