A photo of the covers of both zines, Journal Stew, and Everything is information (Grimoire2020)

Available Zines

Grimoire 2020 (Everything is Information),
Journal Stew zine.1.2020,
Journal Stew Color Cartoons e-zine

Download these for free or leave me a tip @ https://ko-fi.com/fern/shop :)

Alternative Stapling Trick

for when you don't have a long-arm stapler

Swingline stapler opened flat, lays on pre-folded, open copy of printed zine, on top of a suitable substrate.

Open your stapler flat, as if to use with a bulletin board. Fine a suitable substrate like cork or loose fabric or foam, for the staple to be able to push through the paper with staple legs remaining unbent.

A flat head screwdriver is being used to fold a staple leg flat, on a pre-folded zine.

Bend these staple legs over nice and flat, or beyond flat, just as would be done typically by the stapler's inegrated anvil.

 A roll of green washi tape sits on the now-stapled zine, the folded ends of the staples are taped over securely with small pieces of this tape.

As an additional safety or decorative measure, you might put a piece of tape over the snag-prone legs of the staples. By over-bending the staples, beyond flat, this step can be avoided. Washi or masking tape will work best to conform to the shape of the metal.


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