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Select Cartoons + Digital Illustrations:

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Journal Stew cartoons on the subject of art facilitation as a form of self-liberation.

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Short-legged Green Heron - Digital Painting over paper observational Doodle

Eagle over Marsh: Digital painting over paper observational doodle from road trip

The Phases of Acceptance Cat Cartoon: Resistance, Obstinate Inquiry, Submission, Affirmative Acceptance wherein cat's eyes are finally open in a depiction of lucid consent.

Editorial Spot Illustration Series 1: When you are made of star dust and try to cope with and modify others' misunderstanding of your true nature.

Editorial Spot Illustration Series 2: When you only have an all-seeing eye but have to fake having two eyes to look normal, and struggle to uphold this appearance.


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Sketchbook Drawing Enhanced with Procreate App

Sketchbook Observational Painting: Companionway

Swiss Army Knife, Fountain-pen Sketchbook Drawing